Welcome to the European Salmonella Atlas website

Here you may find maps depicting the reported incidence of salmonellosis in Europe. The maps cover the ten most frequent salmonella serotypes. There are three types of maps:
1. "By country". Maps showing the incidence by country.
2. "By district". Maps showing the incidence by district (areas within countries).
3. "Percentage". Maps showing the relative frequency of each serotype (per country or district).

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These maps were made with the purpose of providing information about the distribution and incidence over time of the most important salmonella serotypes in Europe. It is important to stress, however, that the maps presented at this website do not depict the true incidence of salmonellosis in any country or region. They show only the reported laboratory confirmed infections. Because the number of stool samples taken and the proportion of findings reported from laboratories vary considerably, the maps should be interpreted with great caution. It is not possible to compare directly from one country to another.